What is included with the Art of Me kit?

The kit includes 21 custom pages with illustrations to color, writing prompts, and spaces for your child to draw and create their own autobiography. There will also be a prepaid shipping label and envelope to return the kit to us. After you send back the completed pages, we’ll professionally photograph and edit the pages and transform them into a hardcover, keepsake book.

How long will it take for us to get the completed keepsake book?

Once we receive your completed pages, it will take about 2-3 weeks for you to get your book.

Can you tell me more about the content of the Art of Me book?

The Art of Me is your child’s first autobiography. The pages invite your child to share information about their family, friends, their favorite colors, foods, etc., as well as how they can help others and the world. There are short writing prompts, illustrations to color, and lots of space to create their own drawings.

What are the specifications of the book?

It is an 8.5 x 11 inch, hardcover book with archival paper. The cover will be the Art of Me frame your child colored, with a title bar that includes your child’s name.

I want to send a copy of my child’s Art of Me book to their grandparents as a gift. How do I do that?

Duplicate copies are $39 and make great gifts. You will be presented with the option to buy extra copies after you purchase your kit or you can also purchase copies on your kit's instruction sheet.

What age kid is Art of Me appropriate for?

We recommend it for ages 6-12, but we’ve had kids as old as 18 enjoy completing the book. Younger kids will just need the help of a grown-up to do the reading and writing. 

If I want both of my kids to create an Art of Me book, what do I order?

You can select additional quantities during checkout. Just order one kit per kid. 

Can I include a photo of my young artist in the book?

Yes, for sure! We will send you and email when we receive your order to find out if you want to email an optional photo.

Am I able to include additional art that my child has created in the book or substitute pages with my own art?

We do not accept additional art or substituted pages, but we recommend using our parent company’s Artkive Box service which specializes in transforming kid art into keepsake books.

Can I cancel my order?

We send out your kit right away, so if you email us the same day and your kit hasn’t been processed for delivery, you can cancel your order, minus a $5 processing fee. 

Can I get the original pages back?

Yes, we can send you the originals back - there is a $7.99 shipping and handling fee. You can pick that option on the order sheet that comes with your kit.

GET1GIVE1 Program:

Who specifically gets the donated kits?

We are proud to partner with organizations around the country for our Get1 Give1 program. For every kit purchased on our site, we donate a kit to one of our partners:

  • St. Luke's Hospital Emergency Department in New Bedford, Massuchusetts. Some of the hospital staff there has been forced to move out of their homes so as not to infect their families with Covid-19.
  • Cook Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas (https://cookchildrens.org/). There are some kids who stay at this hospital for 6-9 months. The staff there is really excited to have something to offer that's an extended activity for kids, with a nice keepsake book for the families.
  • Hope House Detroit (hopehousedetroit.org) provides services to underserved kids. 
  • Huntington Hospital (https://www.huntingtonhospital.org/) in Pasadena, California is a full service hospital in the center of the pandemic. ICU and ER nurses are receiving Art of Me kits for their families.
  • Seasons Midwifery, a women’s health practice in the Denver area, which has OBs and midwives in birth centers and hospital locations is another partner. 
  • Gunnison Valley EMS which is a mountain community in Colorado that was hit hard by COVID because of the ski resorts that attracted travelers from out of state. 

The families at our partner organizations are making sacrifices to serve their communities while trying to keep their own families safe as well! If you are interested in joining the Art of Me Get1 Give1 program, please contact us at artofme@artkivebox.com.


Can I nominate an individual to get a donated kit?

Right now we're focusing our efforts with our partner organizations so that we can most efficiently reach as many deserving families as possible.

If I buy two or more kits, will two or more kits be donated.

Yes, it's truly a Get1Give1 program. We are donating exactly how many kits are purchased.

Is the Art of Me kit that gets donated exactly the same, do they also get the keepsake book?

Yes, we ship the exact same kit and they can send it back to get their keepsake book made.